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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ontario, Canada

It's a place to live,
And a place to grow,

Yes, we are in Canada. This is no longer a cross-country journey, but a cross-continental journey. Sounds impressive, huh?!? Because we opted for the longer route up and over the northern part of Lake Michigan, it really only makes sense that we would stay on the northern shores of Lake Erie. And, Ontario seems a bit more interesting than the Indiana/Ohio combination. Did you know that because of the lake effect from Lake Erie, the southernmost part of Ontario has similar climate to the Carolinas? Must admit I was a bit surprised when I say tobacco fields growing and smoke houses. Only later to learn that they also have magnolia trees and fields of tomatoes, brussel sprouts, peppers, potatoes...pretty much, you name it, they grow it. And a million thank yous for the innumerable wind breaks to block the Lake Erie winds...it made for much calmer riding conditions. :)

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  1. I had no idea about that! WHOA! Note to self: investigate Ontario.