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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

If all goes according to schedule, I should reach Bar Harbor, Maine and the Atlantic shore sometime TOMORROW! So, enjoy a random collection of stories from the journey (starting with a few and adding more as I think of them).

Oh, the places you'll go...
A super sweet waitress was intrigued by this whole biking across the country thing and had a million questions for us. After we had paid, she approached us and said "I just have one more questions, if you don't mind. Where do you go to the bathroom...do you just go at every wayside restroom (aka rest area)?" Bahahaha. "Well, yes and no. I go at wayside restrooms and gas stations, in cornfields, behind hay bails, trees, and guard rails (as a last resort)." Yep, just marking my territory. :)

Driving Awards
The Best Drivers Award goes to the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire! Very much appreciated. It was a pleasure traveling with you. The Worst Drivers Award goes to the state of Michigan. Sorry, guys. It is legal to move over (even just a little bit) when you pass a cyclist. Better luck next time. On the professional side, the Best Driving Award goes to our US Postal Service drivers. They are coureous and friendly. Solid performance! And the worst or scariest groups are the logging truck and oil truck drivers. Seriously, people. Is is possible to get splinters from a passing log truck?

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